Certificates of Occupancy

Newly constructed, relocated, or altered areas of a building require a C of O (certificate of occupancy). A new C of O is also required if the occupancy classification of a building, or portion of a building, is changed.

Any building that has been legally occupied, without a change of occupancy as defined by the building or land use codes, is assumed to have a C of O for the current use. A Zoning Compliance review is still required for any change in Tenancy. This review may result in a Zoning Compliance Certificate instead of a new Certificate of Occupancy. For questions about certificates of occupancy please contact Eric Newcomb, Building Plans Examiner at 520-837-4911, or Steve Shields, Principal Planner at 520-837-4956.

A new C of O can only be issued following the issuance of a building permit and performance of inspections to assure compliance with the current codes governing the proposed occupancy. The process to obtain a certificate of occupancy varies depending on the building or structure in question. Certificates for public and semi-public occupancy uses must be obtained in person in our office. Two copies of a plan prepared by an architect registered in the State of Arizona will be required for building undergoing a change of use.

Certificate of Occupancy Disclosure - Ordinance 10562

Zoning Compliance Certificates - Ordinance 10835

Occupancy/Zoning Compliance Policy

Certificate of Occupancy Forms (PDF files)

Certificate of Occupancy Application

Certificate of Occupancy Review Acknowledgement

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C of O Baseline Example

C of O Baseline Blank Form

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Application

Issuance of a certificate of occupancy shall not be construed as an approval of any violation of the codes and ordinances adopted by the City of Tucson.