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Building Codes

The City of Tucson has adopted the 2018 International Building Codes with local amendments. The codes are updated periodically to reflect the latest standards of life-safety and construction technology.

Visit City of Tucson Building Codes web page to find out more.

These codes can be found at the public library or purchased through the International Code Council (ICC).

The following items can be accessed on the Building Codes web page:

  • Link to the International Building Codes
  • Local Amendments
  • Code Modification Appeal to the Building Official
  • Policy Documents
  • City of Tucson/Pima County Outdoor Lighting Code
  • Water and Energy Conservation

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Engineering Codes

Engineering Regulatory Documents - Below is a list of documents used in plan review that are helpful for applicants to refer to when preparing plans for engineering review.

On January 5, 2021, Mayor and Council approved amendments to the Technical Standards Manual related to the Design Standards for Stormwater Detention and Retention.

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View Plans web page

Plans help shape the development and future of Tucson. Plans in Tucson range from the General Plan (Plan Tucson), which guides a broad range of topics and the development of other plans, to more specific plans such as Area Plans and Neighborhood Plans which focus on a localized level.

There are over 50 adopted plans across Tucson. They contain policies related to land use, future development, transportation and connectivity, open space, housing, water, and other topics.

The development of new plans must be initiated by Mayor & Council. Amendments to adopted area or neighborhood plans can be initiated by Mayor & Council or by a property owner within the plan area.

Information about the following items can be viewed on the Plans web page:

  • Area & Neighborhood Plans
  • Regional & Citywide Plans
  • Planned Area Development (PAD) & Redevelopment Plans
  • Studies & Reports

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Zoning Code

The Zoning Code guides what is allowable for development within the city of Tucson.

Visit City of Tucson Zoning Code web page.


The City of Tucson uses the Unified Development Code (UDC) as its Zoning Code for development started after January 2, 2013. As supporting documents, the City also uses the Administrative Manual and the Technical Standards Manual.

The following items can be accessed on the Zoning Code web page:

  • The Unified Development Code
  • Zoning Interpretations and Determinations
  • Urban Overlay District Regulations

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Other Information

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