Commercial Permits


Commercial Permit Information

     Adopted Codes and Ordinances

          2018 International Codes and Local Amendments

     Commercial Building Plan Requirements and Associated Forms

          Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements & Checklist

           Permit Application

          Appeal to the Building Official          

          Special Inspection Certificate - Building & Grading

          Special Inspection Certificate - Medical Gas

          Special Inspection Certificate - Outdoor Lighting

          Commercial Building Closeout for CofO/Letter of Completion


Specific Permit Information

Cell Towers

          Cell Tower Notification Form Completed form required at first submittal

Certificate of Occupancy

          Certificate of Occupancy Checklist - Commercial Buildings

          Certificate of Occupancy Application

          Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Application

Demolition of a Structure

          Demolition Permit

          Confirmation Notice of Demolition


          Underground Service Waiver

Fire Alarms and Sprinklers

          Fire Alarms and Sprinkler Permits Contact TFD for more information 791-3234          

Gas Lines

          Existing Commercial Gas Lines

Registered Plants

          Registered Plant Application

          Commercial Restaurant Permitting Process

          Kitchen Hood Requirements  Contact TFD 791-3234 or Bob Sherry 837-4914 for more information

Special Events and Tents

Special Events Tucson Fire Department has helpful information regarding special event safety requirements 791-3234

          Tents and Membrane Structures - Permits for temporary shade structures including Gem Show tents. 


          Above Ground & Underground Tanks Contact TFD for more information 791-3234







Special inspections are required to install medical gas piping. A special inspection certificate must be provided prior to permit issuance.

For additional information please contact a Commercial Plan reviewer by phone on the list provided on our contact page