Commercial Permits

Commercial permits are required for tenant improvements, certificates of occupancy, and new commercial buildings. All commercial structural permits require plans prepared by a licensed architect or engineer. All plans require a minimum of 3/32” type.  All commercial construction work must be performed by a licensed contractor.

Commercial Building Permit Requirements and Associated Forms

All applications should be submitted online. When you are ready to submit, use the Online Building Permit Application, and submit all materials required as described in the Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements.

Sample Materials

Floor plan example

Site plan example


          Appeal to the Building Official

Special Inspections

         Special Inspection Certificate - Building & Grading

          Special Inspection Certificate - Medical Gas

          Special Inspection Certificate - Outdoor Lighting

Adopted Codes and Ordinances

          2018 International Codes and Local Amendments


Specific Permit Information

Cell Towers

          Cell Tower Notification Form Completed form required at first submittal

Certificate of Occupancy

          Certificate of Occupancy Checklist - Commercial Buildings

          Certificate of Occupancy Application

          Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Application

Demolition of a Structure

          Confirmation Notice of Demolition


          Underground Service Waiver

Fire Alarms and Sprinklers

          Fire Alarms and Sprinkler Permits Contact TFD for more information 791-3234          

Gas Lines

          Existing Commercial Gas Lines

Registered Plants

          Registered Plant Application

          Commercial Restaurant Permitting Process

          Kitchen Hood Requirements  Contact TFD at 520-791-3234 or Bob Sherry at 520-837-4914 for more information

Temporary Expansion of Restaurant Seating

Special Events and Tents

Special Events Tucson Fire Department has helpful information regarding special event safety requirements 791-3234

          Tents and Membrane Structures - Permits for temporary shade structures 


          Above Ground & Underground Tanks Contact TFD for more information at 520-791-3234


Special inspections are required to install medical gas piping. A special inspection certificate must be provided prior to permit issuance. For additional information please contact a Commercial Plan reviewer by phone on the list provided on our contact page.