How to Track a Submittal in PRO

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Follow these steps:

1. Go to Property Research Online. Click Activity Search.

2. Enter either your:​

  • Activity Number: T20CM, T20BU, T20MH​
  • Planning Case Number: C9-20​
  • Special Application Number: T20SA​
  • Presubmittal / Labels: T20PRE

Guide to Permit Codes and Statuses

3. Here you can see the Status of the permit. – (Such as: In Review, Approved, etc.). Click on the activity number again in the Permits section of the page.​ 

4. This brings you to the Permit Detail page where you can see any reviews that have happened on your submittal. Click Review Details to see the status of reviews and comments​. (see step 6 for more information).

5. Scroll down to see any Outstanding Special Conditions that apply, as well as the Documents loaded into the system for this permit.​

6. Click Review Details to see the status of the different review groups. ​