Information for Development Professionals

This page contains information about the following resources available to industry professionals:


Self-Certification by Design Professionals

This program allows a registered design professional to certify that plans prepared by them meet the requirements of all applicable building codes.  It allows the building owner and project designer the opportunity to evaluate the risks involved and elect to self certify projects within the scope of the policy or use our traditional plan review services.

The program is limited to:

  • Structures covered by the International Residential Code
  • Tenant improvement projects for commercial occupancies excluding buildings or portions of buildings:
    1. Exceeding two stories in height,
    2. Exceeding 24,000 square feet in area,
    3. Including a commercial kitchen(s),
    4. Including any H occupancy,
    5. Including new electrical service(s) exceeding 400 amps,
    6. Including structural alterations involving lateral design
In order to participate in the program applicants must:
  • Be currently registered as a design professional with the State of Arizona
  • Maintain current certification from the International Code Council as a Commercial Building Plans Examiner
  • Be pre-approved by the Building Official (a list of pre-approved registrants will be maintained by the department)
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Velocity Hall Permit Manager

This is a service (restricted to Licensed Contractors) that can be used to obtain simple permits online that do not require plan review and to pay associated permit fees by credit card.  It can also be used to research permit information, or to schedule or cancel an inspection. To access Velocity Hall, click here.

Velocity Hall Permit Limitations - Get Started!

Scheduling Inspections Online

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Third Party Building Plan Review

Applicants are allowed to obtain third party plan review for building codes from the following agencies. Please note that zoning, fire, and other reviews not related to building codes must still be completed by the City of Tucson.

  • Bureau Veritas
  • Brown & Associates
  • SAFEBuilt
  • Stantec
  • Willdan

Residential Equipment Replacement Permitting

Plumbing and mechanical contractors can become self-certified through the Arizona Construction Trades organization in order to obtain permits for water heater replacements and HVAC system replacements at a reduced cost. 

Self Certified Inspection Program 


Other Resources

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