Neighborhood Clean-Ups

The Environmental Services Department (ES) assists registered neighborhoods with clean ups. It is the responsibility of the neighborhood association to submit an application to ES. Neighborhoods need to indicate on the application if they would like the one-time annual postcard notice of the proposed clean up be mailed to its residents. Neighborhoods recruit and organize volunteers, and plan the associated event.

Please follow the process below in reserving Neighborhood Roll-Off Containers for a neighborhood clean-up:

  • The request for a clean up must come from the leadership or assigned representative of a registered neighborhood association not from individual residents.
  • Provide at least a 2 week advance notice.
  • Indicate on the application if you will be using the one-time Environmental Service clean-up postcard mailing available annually to neighborhood associations. (view postcard)
  • Call PDSD at 837-5013 or send an email to if unable to initiate the application to Environmental Services (ES).

Tools and Supplies for Clean-Ups:

  • If you would like to reserve tools (rakes, shovels, digging bars) or need supplies (trash bags or gloves), call the Adopt-A-Park and Public Areas Coordinator, Tucson Clean & Beautiful, Inc., (520) 837-6834 office *  or fax (520) 622-7112, or send an email to or visit the Tucson Clean & Beautiful website at