Neighborhood Mailings

Planning and Development Services Mailing Policy

The City will cover the cost of one mailing (one newsletter or one postcard) per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th) for each Neighborhood Association that requests it. 

Who can use the service

The Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) can assist registered neighborhood associations, registered coalitions, and groups in the process of registering, with mailing notices for both neighborhood meetings and newsletters. Planning and Development Services Department will absorb the mailing charges if the information meets these criteria:

  • The requesting neighborhood must be a registered neighborhood association with bylaws (signed and dated) on file in our department.
  • All current officers and their contact information must also be on file at Planning and Development Services Department.
  • An exception will be made for any group in the process of registering as a neighborhood association or a coalition.


It may take up to 10 days for postcards and up to 18 days for newsletters to reach your neighborhood residents. All meeting notices need to be in accordance with your bylaws. If your bylaws state that your association be notified 7 days prior to your meeting, you must have the information to Planning and Development Services in a workable timeframe. Those 7 days, for example, are added into the production schedule.

Please take into account these timeframes into account when submitting your mailing for City review and production. 

Length and Format

Newsletters may be up to four (4) pages in length. Associations can also send quarter-page or a half-page postcards. Language translation should be incorporated into the newsletter maximum page length.

The City funds black-and-white printing only. However, if a Neighborhood Association would like the mailing to be printed in color, arrangements can be made with the vendor for the Association to pay the difference between the cost of the black and white printing and the color printing.


The accuracy of all information and adherence to copyright laws are the responsibility of the Neighborhood Association. Newsletters may not contain any form of advertising. In addition, newsletters may not be used for political advocacy per guidance from the City Attorney. PDSD is required to review all newsletters to ensure that the neighborhood is in compliance with the issues written in this policy. 

If a postcard or newsletter references a City project or program (e.g., a development or transportation project), this content will be shared with relevant staff for their review and feedback on any factual inaccuracies. If factual inaccuracies are identified, they will be shared with the Neighborhood Association, so the content may be revised content for accuracy. 

Newsletters must display this standard disclaimer on every edition:

The City of Tucson, its officers and employees, its Planning and Development Services Department  and all other offices neither agrees nor disagrees with the views expressed or implied in this communication or any referenced websites and are not therefore responsible. The distribution requester is solely responsible.

When a Spanish translation is included, the following disclaimer in Spanish must appear:

La ciudad de Tucson, sus oficiales y empleados, su Departamento de Planificación y Servicios de Desarrollo, y el resto de las oficinas no están ni de acuerdo ni en desacuerdo con las opiniones expresadas o implicadas en estas comunicaciones o en cualquier de los sitios de internet refereciados y, por lo tanto, no son responsables. El solicitante de la distribución es el único responsable.

Policy Background

This policy was recommended by the Citizens Participation Advisory Committee (CPAC) and approved by the Mayor and Council in February 1998.

How to Submit

Please submit a draft of your neighborhood’s newsletter or postcard to

Rev. 7/09/20