City of Tucson awarded two grants from Arizona State Historic Preservation Office to support local historic preservation efforts

The City of Tucson was recently awarded two pass-through grants from the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office. These grants are available to certified local governments on an annual basis to support historic preservation projects.

Barrio Kroeger Lane National Register Nomination

In 2020, a pass-through grant was awarded to conduct a determination of eligibility for Barrio Kroeger Lane neighborhood, located to the west of downtown Tucson and east of the Santa Cruz river. It was determined eligible for listing in the National Register. HPO staff received a second grant this year to complete a National Register nomination. Staff will have one year to complete the nomination and submit it to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Once listed, owner-occupied homes would be eligible for a property tax reduction.

African American Survey

This project will be completed in two phases. The first phase, which this round of grant funding is to support, will focus on archival research, oral history interviews, and a property database of sites, buildings, and structures significant to the African American community in Tucson. The second phase of the survey (which will be the subject of future funding requests) would develop a historic context document and integrate the results of the archival research and inventory from the first phase. The overall intent of the grant is to synthesize existing information, interview members of the African American community, develop a context and identify sites, buildings, and structures. Unlike architecturally significant buildings, properties that are associated with a particular group are not always readily evident. This survey would be inclusive of Tucson’s multiple communities to develop a broad understanding of significant sites, buildings, and structures.

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