Construction sites can apply to work before permitted hours

As the temperatures continue to rise and we head into the summer months, construction sites may need to seek a temporary noise exemption to begin work prior to the normal permitted hours.

How do you apply to work before the temperatures start rising? Apply for a Temporary Noise Exemption (TNE).

The submittal must contain all the items listed below:

  • Complete Application for Temporary Exemption to Noise Ordinance (this form)
  • Letter outlining specific dates, times, action taking place during off-hours (i.e. approximate yardage of concrete being moved, number of trucks, etc.)
  • Copy of Notification made to surrounding property owners and tenants within 150' of property boundary
  • Map or List of Surrounding Property Owners to be notified within 150' of property boundary
  • Copy of TDOT Right of Way Permit or Application (if applicable)
  • Copy of contract with TPD for off-duty officers (if applicable)
  • Copy of Track Access permit submitted to SunLink (if applicable)

Click here to find out more information about the application process and to fill out an application.