Expanded use of Individual Parking Plan approved by Mayor and Council

Mayor and Council approved the expanded use of the Individual Parking Plan (IPP) following a public hearing during a meeting on July 12.

The updated proposal for changes to commercial parking requirements was presented to Mayor and Council for a public hearing continued from the April 19 meeting.

The approved proposal includes requiring new multifamily, commercial, and retail development to include electric vehicle (EV) readiness infrastructure; and expanded eligibility for the Individual Parking Plan (IPP) to affordable housing developments, restaurants, and bars.

Mayor and Council voted 5-1 in favor of allowing restaurants, bars, and affordable housing to apply for an IPP.

The approval will allow certain types of establishments to request to provide less parking onsite than required by the City code, based on their expected parking demand. Approval of reduced parking will be based on a review of site-specific parking and transportation needs, require a neighborhood meeting, and compliance with specific criteria.

The approval will also allow restaurants and bars that have been participating in the temporary program to allow expanded outdoor seating as a pandemic relief measure as an option to make their expanded outdoor seating permanent, should they choose.

An IPP is a modification to the number of required motor vehicle parking spaces on new and existing sites. This handout provides more information on an IPP and the application process.

The approved changes to the IPP went into effect on Aug. 12.