Mayor and Council to review updates to Tucson Floodplain Management Plan, Floodplain Ordinance, and Levee Manual

Mayor and Council of the City of Tucson will hold a virtual public hearing on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at or after 5:30 p.m. The public hearing will be conducted online.  You may view the public hearing at Mayor and Council will consider: update to the 2016 adopted Tucson Floodplain Management Plan, revisions to the Floodplain Ordinance, and a new City of Tucson Levee Manual. 

The final drafts of documents to be reviewed by Mayor and Council can be found here:

Five committee meetings have been held this year to review the proposed changes. Two public meetings were held virtually to summarize the proposed changes. Recorded Public Meetings can be found at the City of Tucson Floodplain Administration website.

The public will have two options to provide comment to the Mayor and Council:

Members of the public may submit written comments on any items scheduled as a public hearing. To do so, send an email to  The email should include the individual’s name, and the agenda item for comment. The comments will be limited to no more than 500 words. Comments must be received by no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday December 7th, 2020.

Individuals wishing to speak during the public hearing (subject to technological availability) will join the meeting via teleconference. You must submit a written request to  The email should include your name, and the phone # you will use for the teleconference. The phone # will be used to identify the individual when/if being called upon to speak. Once your request to speak has been received by the City Clerk, you will be provided instructions on how to connect to the teleconference. Requests to speak must be submitted no later than 12:00 p.m., December 8th, 2020.

Closed captioning will be provided at the virtual online public hearing. A request for reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities must be made to the City Clerk’s Office by parties at least five working days in advance of the scheduled meeting and can be made by calling 791-4213 or 791-2639 (TTY).

Questions regarding the proposed Floodplain Management Plan Update can be directed to the following email:

Questions regarding the other proposed documents, public hearing, or how to obtain copies of appendices can be directed to the following email: