New homes now required to be EV-Ready

On June 22, 2021 Mayor and Council approved an amendment to the International Residential Code to require electric vehicle (EV) charging outlets in all new one- and two-family dwellings. 

All new homes within the City of Tucson will be required to provide a 40 amp circuit and a receptacle near a parking space. The language was prepared to be as universal as possible so virtually every EV on the market in the US can be plugged in to new houses, duplexes, and townhomes. 

When this new ordinance takes effect, plans under review will need to comply with the new regulation. Active permits and active model plans will be allowed to continue as approved. Residential model plans are good for one year and can be renewed twice (maximum three year life span). When model plans need to be renewed, the EV Charging ordinance will apply and need to be included as a revision. 

View the ordinance here.

Mayor and Council also directed PDSD to begin developing an ordinance that applies to new commercial and multifamily housing. Staff will assess the impacts to commercial parking lots and engage a wide group of stakeholders on this issue. Stay tuned for more information on this amendment to the zoning and building codes.

The EV-charging requirement for new residential construction is a significant step forward to implement the City of Tucson EV Roadmap adopted by Mayor and Council on April 20, 2021, and our progress to a more sustainable Tucson.