Effective 10/01/19: Pre-Construction, Inspection, and Engineer Certification Process for All New Development Packages

The current process for a Development Package to transition from an issued permit to a final project is being updated. The purpose is to unify all project stakeholders and a higher level of project quality assurance by having a more consistent approach. This updated process will affect new Development Packages submitted for review after Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Development Package projects which involve any of the following are subject to the Pre-Construction/Engineer of Record Certification Process:

  • Disturbance of more than 1 acre or part of a project which will ultimately disturb greater than 1 acre and/or requires a storm water pollution prevention plan
  • Special inspections for items such as but not limited to; engineered slopes or retaining walls
  • Significant floodplain issues such as but not limited to; projects requiring an encroachment analysis or where modification to an existing floodplain boundary are proposed
  • Engineered grading as defined in Technical Standards Manual (TSM) section 2-01.4.0.B
  • Overlay Zones as found in  Unified Development Code (UDC) article 5

The Development Plan Pre-Construction, Inspection, and Engineer Certification Process will consist of the following steps:

  1. Pre-Construction Meeting
  2. Project in construction
  3. Closing out a project

Please contact John Van Winkle with any questions or concerns at John.VanWinkle@tucsonaz.gov or (520) 837-5007.

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