Share suggestions for code changes

On June 7, Mayor and Council provided direction to begin code updates to streamline Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) processes.

PDSD is currently collecting input from stakeholders, staff, and the public on potential code changes. It is anticipated those proposed code changes will fall in the following three categories: 

  • Clean-ups / Clarifications 
  • Improvements / Enhancements 
  • Policy Driven

Based on the input received, PDSD will refine the feedback into a suite of code amendments that would be most impactful in terms of streamlining the code processes.  

Any remaining items on the list not immediately used will be saved for consideration in future code amendment packages presented to Mayor and Council. 

Share your suggestions for code changes to help streamline processes via this survey form.

The survey will close for input on October 1, 2022.