Share your thoughts on Accessory Dwelling Units with the Planning Commission July 28

The Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on the proposed amendment to the Unified Development Code to allow Accessory Dwelling Units Wednesday, July 28 at 6pm. You can submit written comments or request to speak at the hearing by emailing

The agenda, materials and instructions on how to join the virtual Public Hearing can be found on the Planning Commission webpage.

The draft ADU proposal was developed based on community goals, public meetings, online comments, and input from a stakeholder group representing a range of viewpoints and expertise. At recent meetings public meetings, staff shared a proposal to allow ADUs in Tucson, and participants had a chance to offer feedback and hear from other community members. The current draft proposal would allow:

  • One ADU to be built on any residential lot in the city (meaning a lot with one or two homes)
  • The maximum size of the ADU would be 1,000 square feet for lots over 7,000 square feet and 750 square feet on lots under 7,000 square feet
  • All other dimensional standards, including maximum building height, lot coverage, and setbacks would apply
  • One parking space would be required per ADU, which could be waived for sites that are a quarter-mile from transit or a bike boulevard; on-street parking can also be used
  • Each newly constructed ADU would be required to have a cool roof

Last month, Planning Commission held a study session to review and discuss the proposal. Planning Commission voted to schedule a Public Hearing, which provides the public an opportunity to comment on the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) proposal. All amendments to the Unified Development Code are reviewed by the Planning Commission, which makes a recommendation to Mayor and Council. Mayor and Council also hold a public hearing on these types of code amendments, which will provide additional opportunity for public comment.

Use these resources to learn more about the proposal: