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Since October 2008, an active group of business owners in and around the OARP project boundaries have been meeting to form an area business association – the Gateway Business Alliance (GBA). The GBA has quickly defined its Vision and Mission.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Gateway Business Alliance is to be a positive all-inclusive force in generating a healthy, viable, prosperous and safe business and community environment in the greater Tucson area.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Gateway Business Alliance is to work together to be thriving businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible.   We will accomplish this by:

¢ Providing a powerful communication and educational network for our businesses

¢ Ensuring a positive identity for our businesses and community

¢ Providing opportunities for business-to-business networking, collaboration and exchange

¢ Supporting social events that bring the community together

¢ Working with and serving as a resource for government, other organizations, and neighborhoods in representing business and community interests

¢ Acting as a powerful conduit for resolution of business issues

GBA Boundaries


Leadership Team and Committees

The Gateway Business Alliance has a Leadership Team consisting of officers – President, Secretary and Treasurer – and chairs from four committees developed to help the Alliance achieve its mission. The Leadership Team will set the strategy for the organization.

In general, each committee is charged with the following roles:

Business Support & Development – To support area businesses through activities that promote them, provide education and networking opportunities, and that address areas of concern or interest.

Membership Support & Development – To support existing members, encourage new members to join, promote the organization, manage the membership directory and database, and assist with interactions between members.

Communications – To promote, advertise, and communicate on behalf of the organization and its member businesses.

Social Support – To support the community by building and maintaining relationships with the neighborhoods, non-profits and public agencies in the area, and supporting community events.

For more information about what the committees might do, view this Committee & Leadership Roles Sheet, shared with those attending the Feb. 19, 2009, GBA meeting.


Meetings and Materials
(Meetings of the membership are announced by mail and email – sign-up to receive notices here.)

March 19, 2009


Meeting Flyer

(Discussion Notes)

Meeting Packet

February 19, 2009


Meeting Flyer

Discussion Notes


January 15, 2009


Meeting Flyer

Discussion Notes


November 20, 2008


Meet ing Flyer

Discussion Notes


October 22, 2008


Meeting Flyer

Discu ssion Notes


A series of visioning workshops were conducted by OARP project staff as part of the OARP project in Spring 2008. A workshop just for the area businesses was held and one idea in particular garnered the support of participating business owners and representatives at the business visioning workshop, which was to create a business network or association for the area.

In September 2008, Vice Mayor Karin Uhlich and the Ward III Office, the Citizens Steering Committee of the OARP project, and the City’s Urban Planning and Design Department hosted a Business Networking Event in an effort to provide information to area businesses and allow an opportunity to meet and network. Over 500 businesses located in the project area were invited to attend the event, which was held at College Place. Presentations about resources and options for businesses were given by speakers Britton Dornquast, program director of the RTA MainStreet Business Assistance program, and Lisette DeMars, membership coordinator of the Tucson chapter of Local First Arizona. The evening concluded with a networking period, featuring donations of food and raffle prizes from an assortment of area businesses (view pictures from the events and contributions given by area businesses here).

Please use our online sign-up form to get on the member notification list. Have other questions? Please call Rebecca Ruopp, OARP Project Manager, or Jenn Burdick, OARP Project Staff Team member, for more information at (520) 791-4505, or email