OARP Historic Context Analysis

Oracle Area Revitalization Plan (OARP)

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Historic Context Study
Historic Miracle Mile Open House & Tour

An assessment was conducted of the project area’s historic structures. Demion Clinco of Frontier Consulting was hired to complete this study, which is documented in his report entitled “Historic Miracle Mile, Tucson’s Northern Auto Gateway: A Historic Context Study for the Oracle Area.” The report describes how the area developed over time, providing pictures and anecdotal history, and distinguishes existing structures, primarily commercial, with historic and architectural significance.

Historic Context Study – 3.5 MB

Appendix A – 600 KB

Appendix B – 1 MB

The following maps are based on the historic context study results:

Table of Commercial Properties (indexed to maps) – 14 KB

Nonresidential Historic Properties Map – 1.6 MB

All Maps – 3.6 MB
This package includes all maps in the report, including the Nonresidential Historic Properties, Development Phases of the Nonresidential Historic Properties, Architectural Significance of the Nonresidential Historic Properties, and Properties Over 50 Years Old, Barrio Blue Moon, Miracle Manor, Pascua & Adelanto.

A celebration of the historic importance of the OARP project area is commemorated with an annual event – the Historic Miracle Mile Open House & Tour. The

Gateway Business Alliance, a membership organization representing the businesses located within and around the OARP project area, hosts the annual event. Hundreds of people from all over the southwest have come to experience the ambience and activities. In 2009, a driving tour brochure was developed that identifies historic properties along the historic Oracle Road corridor.

Historic Miracle Mile Driving Tour brochure – 7 MB