OARP Technical Advisory Team

Oracle Area Revitalization Plan (OARP)

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The Technical Advisory Team (TAT) is comprised of 18 technical staff from service and infrastructure departments of the City of Tucson, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, the University of Arizona, Pima Community College and the Amphitheater and Tucson Unified School Districts.

The Technical Advisory Team will meet at key decision points during the development of the Oracle Area Revitalization Plan to provide technical assistance to the Urban Planning & Design staff members. Individual members may be called upon to address particular issues during the planning process. The Technical Advisory Team will play a vital role in finalizing the Oracle Area Revitalization Plan Final Draft.

The Technical Advisory Team’s responsibilities are to:

• Collaborate with UPD Project Core Team and other TAT members to identify common interests;

• Inform UPD staff of current and upcoming projects within the project area;

• Review goals and objectives;

• Analyze potential development opportunities and constraints throughout the project area;

• Analyze development scenarios that meet established goals and objectives; and,

• Consider represented department issues not only in the context of their particular interests or location, but also in the context of the project area as a whole.

Technical Advisory Team Members


The Advisory Team met on November 6, 2007 and discussed the project and their roles. Because individual members will be contacted as issues arise, it is not necessary for the full Team to meet until there is more information for them to review and provide input on.



Nov. 6, 2007 (Kick-off meeting)

Project Overview

(Not all materials are posted online. For a full packet of materials, contact María Gayosso at 791-4505 or by email at OARP@tucsonaz.gov.)