Online Resources

Advanced Payment Accounts (APA)

APA New Account Packet - Application and instructions for licensed contractors to apply for an Advanced Payment Account. Permit Application included.

APA Permit Application - Permit application only for existing APA account holders.

Balance by Account Number - Transaction details and current balances for existing APAs over a chosen period of time. You will need your APA and Pin numbers to enter this site. This site is restricted to Advanced Payment Account users.

Fee Schedules

Building Valuation - A method of valuating structures based on direction from the International Code Council

General Fee Information

Impact Fees - Fees on new development that are invested back into our community for capital improvements to roads and parks.

Planning & Development Services Department accepts cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express


Reports are posted regularly to keep you up to date with current permit and review activity


Contractor Activity - A license number search for permit activity associated to a licensed contractor. The search shows both sign permits and building permits.

Plan Review or Inspection Results by Activity Number - This is an activity or project number search that will display the results and comments for a completed process. This search can also be used for CDRC review results by entering the case number. If a plan has successfully passed the plan review stage, the plan review process is considered completed and no results will be displayed. (If your case number is before S02-031 or D02-0019).

Property Research Online (PRO) - PRO is a tool for locating property information. You can find the parcel data by searching for an address or Assessor Parcel Number including Development Activity. If you do not have this information, you can visually search for the property on a map.

Public Records - Access to plans and construction documents for many buildings inside City limits as far back as the 1950's

Public Records Request (PDF)

Records - Frequently Asked Questions

Search for Rezoning Meeting Results by Case Number - Displays the meeting date and results of Zoning Examiner hearings and Mayor & Council  meetings related to the case number entered. All cases entered since 2004 are available; some earlier cases are also available.

Velocity Hall Online Permits

Instructions & Fees

Permit & Inspection Requests

This is a service (restricted to Licensed Contractors) that can be used to obtain simple permits online that do not require plan review and to pay associated permit fees by credit card.  It can also be used to research permit information, or to schedule or cancel an inspection.