PDSD Filedrop: Required Application Documents

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NOTE: Due to our current backlog and the COVID-19 situation, we are experiencing delays in processing applications.

If you have all required documents ready, proceed to Filedrop.


If you're not sure, review the following guidelines:

When submitting permit applications, make sure you upload the following:

  1. Permit Application
  2. All Submittal Requirements
  3. Any supplementary information
  4. Submit all documents to PDSD Filedrop.

Utility Connects

When submitting a utility (electric, gas, or water) reconnect in the PDSD Filedrop, make sure you enter the text "UTILITY CONNECT" in the Application Type Or Permit Number field. (See below for example.) 

By adding this text in the appropriate field, your application will receive priority treatment.

Include your Application.

In addition to your application, you may need to submit a drawing. For example, if you are installing water or gas piping, a drawing must be submitted that identifies the size and length of all piping.

If installing gas piping, submit a Gas Piping Template with your application. View this completed Gas Piping Template example.

When you have your application and any additional material ready, go to PDSD Filedrop, fill out the fields as instructed, add the documents, and hit Send.



For a full list of applications, please visit All Applications.