Permit Application Process

Follow these steps for a typical building permit application.

1. Design your project 
  • Review applicable zoning and building codes to make sure your project complies 

  • Work with an architect or engineer if necessary 

2. Complete your application form 

3. Submit your application online

4. Application initialized by PDSD

5. Plan Review 

  • Staff review your plans and provide comments to be addressed, or approval 

6. Approval and Payment

  • Staff will provide an invoice documenting the fees owed, at which time you may pay permit fees online 
  • Once your plans are approved and stamped by staff, you can proceed to construction

7. Inspections

8. Permit closed 

  • Once all inspections have been passed, any special conditions met, and all documents have been received, the permit is closed

  • A Certificate of Occupancy is issued, if applicable, after the permit is closed. If a CofO is not needed, a Letter of Completion will be issued.

If you need special approvals such as a variance, Neighborhood Preservation Zone review or Design Development Option please see the Planning & Zoning Applications page. 

If you need a historic review please visit the Historic Preservation page.

If you are developing a commercial project that includes site changes or expansions, or a residential project with 3 or more units, you probably need a site plan approval as part of a Development Package.