Permit Review

City of Tucson Planning & Development Services reviews plans for residential and commercial construction and signs in order to issue permits for the work intended. Each of the links below gives information and answers questions about the different types of reviews. All plans require a minimum of 3/32” type.

All commercial permits require a licensed contractor. All commercial structural permits require a licensed architect or engineer. If you do not find the answers to your questions here, please feel free to look under FAQ’S or contact us.


Residential Permits
Permits for additions, garages, porches, electrical reconnects, gas line, air conditioning etc.

Commercial Permits
Permits for tenant improvements, certificate of occupancies, new buildings etc.

Sign Permits
Permits for wall signs, freestanding signs, banners etc.

Grading Permits
Permits for grading with bond information.

To Submit Plans

Permit Exceptions
A list of the items that do NOT need permits

Self Certification for Design Professionals

This program allows a registered design professional to certify that plans prepared by them meet the requirements of all applicable building codes.  It allows the building owner and project designer the opportunity to evaluate the risks involved and elect to self certify projects within the scope of the policy or use our traditional plan review services.