Permit Review Submittal Requirements

If you are going to build something in the City of Tucson, there are going to be occasions when you will be required to submit your plans for review. There are two options for this review process.

You can have your plans reviewed by the City of Tucson or you can have them reviewed by a 3rd party. The submittal requirements are the same for both and if you choose to go with the 3rd party plan review, you will need to visit Development Services first.  Site review is NOT included in the 3rd party review process and must be reviewed by Development Services.

Note: All plans require a minimum 3/32” font, upper and lowercase.
Deferred submittals are a plan review option.  For information on these please contact our office at 791-5550.

Commercial Requirements

  • 2 sets of plans
  • 2 copy of calculations
  • 1 copy of the Model Energy Code calculations
  • 1 code review checklist
  • Special inspection forms
  • 1 completed application

Grading Requirements

  • 1 completed application
  • 2 sets of plans
  • Drainage report
  • Copy of approved site plan, development plan or tentative plat
  • 3 copies of the stormwater pollution plan

Residential Requirements

  • 2 sets of plans
  • 2 copies of calculations*
  • 1 completed application
  • Special inspection forms*
    * These requirements may not apply to every project

Site Requirements

  • Prepared as described in Development Standard 2-02
  • North arrow, scale and contour interval
  • Property address
  • Street names
  • Existing and proposed zoning and use
  • Copy of approved CDRC plans
  • Flood hazard zone designations
  • Architects/Engineers stamp

Sign Requirements