Planning Initiatives

The City of Tucson works to advance goals of sustainability, equity, economic growth, and vibrant, livable neighborhoods through corridor and place-based initiatives and special projects. These initiatives implement the goals of Plan Tucson and provide an opportunity for community members to shape the future of their city.

Active Planning Projects

Development Code Updates

Menlo Park Neighborhood Plan

Plan Tucson Update

Thrive in the 05: Building Community in the Oracle Area

Tucson Norte-Sur: Investing in Resilient Communities + Transit

Previous Planning Projects

Accessory Dwelling Units Code Amendment (Adopted December 2021)

Adaptive Reuse

Amendment to Main Gate District Overlay (Adopted in 2016)

Commercial Parking Code Amendments

Concurrent Plan Amendment / Rezoning Processes UDC Text Amendment (Approved in 2020)

Grant Road Land Use Planning (Urban Overlay District adopted in 2018)

Infill Incentive District Sunset Date (Extended in 2019)

Infill Incentive District Update (Approved in 2022)

La Doce, South 12th Avenue (Infrastructure Assessment and Redevelopment Strategy completed in 2018)

Oracle Area Revitalization Project

Medical and Adult-Use Marijuana Code Amendment (Approved in 2021)

Social Equity and Marijuana Licenses (Approved in 2022)

Ronstadt Transit Center Joint Development Opportunity (RFPs issued in 2014 and 2015)

Sign Code Revision Project (Adopted in 2017)

Sign Code Sunset Date Review (Extended in 2020)

Streetcar Land Use Plan

Sunshine Mile Urban Overlay District (Adopted September 2021)

UDC Text Amendment Related to Notification of Public Processes (Approved in 2020)

Urban Agriculture Ordinance (part of the Sustainable Code Project) (Adopted in 2015)

Westside Development Project

To view an archive of previous plans and studies, please see the Studies & Reports page.