Planning Initiatives

The City works to advance goals of sustainability, equity, economic growth and vibrant, livable neighborhoods through corridor and place-based initiatives and special projects. These initiatives implement goals of Plan Tucson [] and provide an opportunity for community members to shape the future of their city.


Active Planning Projects

Adaptive Reuse

Broadway / Sunshine Mile Corridor Planning

Oracle Choice Neighborhoods Planning

La Doce, South 12th Avenue

Concurrent Plan Amendment / Rezoning Processes UDC Text Amendment

UDC Text Amendment Related to Notification of Public Processes


Previous Planning Projects

Infill Incentive District Sunset Date – extended in 2019

Medical Marijuana Sunset Date – extended in 2019

Grant Road Land Use Planning – Urban Overlay District adopted in 2018

Sign Code Revision Project – adopted in 2017

Amendment to Main Gate District Overlay – adopted in 2016

Ronstadt Transit Center Joint Development Opportunity – RFPs issued in 2014 and 2015

Urban Agriculture Ordinance (part of the Sustainable Code Project) – adopted in 2015

Westside Development Project