Shape Your City

There are several ways to get involved and stay up-to-date with planning and development projects in the City of Tucson.

What is Historic Preservation?

City Historic Preservation staff works closely with City departments to assess, document, and appropriately treat significant historic buildings and archaeological sites affected by City projects.

Visit the City Historic Designations and Design Review page to find out more about the process.

Get Involved in Your Neighborhood

Visit our Neighborhood Resources page to discover:

  • City of Tucson services for Neighborhood Associations
  • List of Neighborhood Associations in Tucson
  • How to maintain your Neighborhood Association registration
  • FAQs on neighborhoods

Find out about Planning Projects in Tucson

Visit our Planning Initiatives page to see what's happening with:

  • Current Long Range Planning Initiatives
  • Past Planning Projects

Attend a Planning Meeting

Many policies and decisions that affect Tucson happen in public meetings. All Board, Committee, and Commission meetings are open to the public and a great way to learn what is going on in Tucson.

Visit our Public Meetings, Boards, Committees, and Commissions page to find the next meeting for:

  • Planning Commission
  • TPCHC Plans Review Subcommittee
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Infill Incentive District Design Review Committee
  • Barrio Historico Historic Zone Advisory Board
  • Armory Park Historic Zone Advisory Board
  • Main Gate Overly District Review Committee
  • West University Historic Zone Advisory Board
  • Sign Design Review Committee
  • Fort Lowell Historic Zone Advisory Board