Parks & Recreation

Plan Tucson supports accessible and equitable recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities through policies that focus on the repair, maintenance, and improvement of facilities to high standards; development of a multipurpose path system; and collaborative efforts such as shared use facilities and care of neighborhood parks. These policies also emphasize the broader community benefits of improved public safety, public health, social networks, and mobility that result from having a range of safe community events, recreational programs and facilities.


Use the links below to explore the specific parks & recreation policies in Plan Tucson, community partners that assist the City in achieving these policies, and parks & recreation-related metrics, including the City’s sustainability ratings in (1) public spaces and (2) active living.


Plan Tucson Policies               Community Partners               Parks & Recreation Metrics



Parks and Recreation offers arts and crafts classes year-round for all ages. These classes provide important opportunities for youth to learn social interaction, improve coordination and manual dexterity, is a constructive way to express their thoughts, and have safe and fun experiences outside of school. The activity guide can be found at: or you can go to the class registration site:

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