Applicants from Out of State

Out of State Applicants

If you are coming from out of state we have streamlined the application process so that you should only have to make one trip to Tucson during your process.

The first step (after you apply on-line and get an invitation to the written) is the written examination. This is normally held on a Friday. Depending on how many applicants there are there will usually be two testing sessions, one in the morning (around 8am) and one later in the day (around 11 am). You will know the same day whether or not you passed the written. YOU MUST PASS THE WRITTEN IN ORDER TO MOVE ON TO THE PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT. If you pass the written the physical assessment is during the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. The day of the physical assessment you will know if you passed or not.

If you pass, you will move on to the oral boards. YOU MUST PASS THE PHYSICAL IN ORDER TO MOVE ON TO THE ORAL BOARD INTERVIEW. The oral board interviews are then normally either held on Monday or Tuesday. If you pass the oral board then you will be ranked on a list and that is the order that your background investigation will be conducted.

On your down days you will be scheduled for your polygraph, you will get fingerprinted and you will meet with your background investigator.

This completes the majority of the process. The only way you will have to come back to Tucson is if your polygraph shows some discrepancies or deceitfulness. It will then be up to you to re-take the polygraph at our discretion and scheduling.

If you get offered a job, the expectation is that you will make arrangements to live in Tucson. There is no lodging at the academy for Tucson Police recruits during the academy. The dormitories are reserved for other Arizona agencies that have recruits in the academy, as we are a regional academy.

Where to stay during testing

Our unit fields many questions about where to stay during the testing process. The written is normally held at our Westside Substation located at 1310 W. Miracle Mile. This is very close to I-10. The physical assessment is held at the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center (SALETC). This is located at 10,001 S. Wilmot (3 miles South of I-10). There are a number of hotels positioned along I-10 that can accommodate most budgets. Please do your research on the hotel that you choose. There are also a couple of hotels in the downtown area that are also close to the freeway. We do have hotels that are more centrally located in Tucson as well. The location you stay is a matter of preference but keep in mind your drive times to the testing locales. If you are late to any part of the process you will be excluded from the process.  A rental car is a must if you fly in and Tucson International Airport has rental car companies on-site.

What to bring

Make sure you bring business attire for the written exam and for the oral board interview. Keep in mind that your first impression is important and will be documented. For the physical assessment bring workout clothing that is appropriate for a 1.5 mile run, 300 m sprint, push ups, sit ups and a vertical jump. Be professional in your workout clothing as well (i.e. no short-shorts, cut-offs, see through shirts, etc.)

Make sure you also bring all of the documentation listed in your paperwork. You will have the chance to mail it but your background investigation will get completed quicker if the investigators have all of your information up front.