Babysitting Safety

Getting The Job Done

  • Babysit only for people you know or who have been referred to you. Don't place advertisements in newsletters or on bulletin boards.
  • Leave the name, address, phone number, and expected duration of where you'll be sitting information with your parents.
  • Discuss curfew and payment rates, as well as travel arrangements, prior to accepting a job.

On The Job

  • Before parents leave, have them write down where they will be, along with the phone number.
  • Know all telephone locations, and know how to operate the alarm system if there is one.
  • Check on food allergies and medications.
  • Don't tie up the phone, as parents may be trying to reach you.
  • Don't have friends visit unless parents agree in advance.
  • Stay out of closets, desk drawers, and personal papers.
  • If the house is suddenly quiet check immediately, as the children may be up to something.

In An Emergency

  • In case of a fire, get you and the children out of the house. Go to a neighbor's house and call 911, then the parents.
  • Try to stay calm. Children probably won't panic if you don't.

When The Job Is Done

  • Inform employer if anything strange occurred (strange phone calls, etc.).
  • Always be escorted home. If your employer cannot walk or drive you home, or if he/she seems intoxicated, call home and have someone pick you up.

Daytime Babysitting Tips

  • If children are in the backyard, make sure the front door is locked, and vice versa.
  • If you take the children for a walk or to the park, etc., make sure you lock all doors and windows. Remember to take keys and a cellular phone, if you have one, with you.
  • Never take the children out after dark.
  • If you notice anything unusual when you return to the house (broken window, ripped screen, or door ajar) don't go inside. Take the children with you to a neighbor's house or to a public telephone and dial 911.