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I want to welcome you to the Tucson Police Department's Recruiting Site. Do you have what it takes to join our team?

A career in law enforcement is demanding.

Officers are expected to possess knowledge of the criminal law, investigative procedures, crime scene management, patrol procedures and tactics, and crime prevention. You will be called upon to make split second decisions under often high-stress conditions. You will be expected to assist the citizens of our community with a variety of non-law enforcement related issues requiring a depth of knowledge about government and social service issues and the criminal justice system. These demands require extensive and comprehensive classroom studies. While the proficiency skill areas (firearms, defensive tactics, pursuit driving) are of particular interest to new recruit officers, it is the knowledge and skill learned in the classroom that will benefit a peace officer on a daily basis.

For a challenging, rewarding career that isn’t just another job, join the Tucson Police Department.

You’ll make an impact on Southern Arizona, live a life that is far from ordinary and experience a high-level of support from your fellow officers as you enter into a tight-knit group that cares for Tucson, as well as its own.The life of a police officer, though, is not an easy one. From your first day at the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center you will be expected to perform at a level most individuals aren’t accustomed to. Your life will change and much will be asked of you.

We’re looking for strong men and women who want to become stronger. We want those who possess the courage and strength to put others before themselves and are committed to making Tucson a better place.

TPD is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer

Serving as a Police Officer isn't for everyone

Managing conflict is a regular part of the job, as is handling numerous physical and mental demands. But for those who do pursue a career in this line of work, there are countless rewards and opportunities, such as the personal satisfaction of keeping Southern Arizona safe, as well as generous health benefits and a flexible work schedule. Other positive aspects include greater job variety, more chances for growth and promotion and working with a team of officers who eventually become like family.

Click on the following link to learn about women in law enforcement: Women of TPD


At the heart of all we do are our Seven Core Values:

Excellence • Fairness • Integrity • Leadership • Personal Responsibility • Service Orientation • Teamwork