Planning For A Civic Event Or Block Party

Any event other than construction that will involve the use of the roadway, such as a block party, parade, or bike race, requires a special events permit. The Civic Events Coordinator within the Department of Transportation determines whether barricades, traffic control devices and, if needed, police officers are to be obtained as a condition of the permit by the person or organization. The Tucson Police Department Special Event Officer serves as a resource for the planning and coordination of Civic Event Requests. The planning necessary to insure a successful civic event may be quite extensive and often requires the approval of a variety of different departments within the City of Tucson. Complete Civic Event applications must be submitted to the Tucson Department of Transportation Civic Event Coordinator at least SIX WEEKS in advance of the event. This provides adequate time to coordinate with the City Departments involved in the planning and approval process.

Event Liability insurance is required naming the City of Tucson as additional insured for any event that is open to the public. The City reserves the right to change or modify limits of liability for events of an unusual size or risk. Proof of Liquor Liability Insurance, in the amount of $500,000 must be submitted to the Risk Manager's Office no less than two weeks prior to the event. A copy must be on file with your request packet.


The following checklist is provided to assist individual(s)/event promoter(s) with the basic elements of planning or sponsoring a civic event.  Insuring the criteria on the list are met will provide smooth processing by the Civic Event Committee. These items MUST BE on file with the Tucson Department of Transportation Civic Event Coordinator two weeks prior to your scheduled event.

1. Barricade Plan (Use of roadway or disruption of traffic flow)

  • A letter from the barricade company stating they have been contracted to provide barricades for the event. The barricade company is responsible for setup, monitoring of the barricades for the duration of the event, and the removal of the barricades as soon as possible at the conclusion of the event.
  • City of Tucson Transportation Director approval will be required for:
    1. Full closure of arterial or collector streets
    2. Partial closure of arterial streets during 6-8 a.m. or 4-6 p.m

2. Insurance

  • Copy of Liability Insurance naming the City of Tucson as additional insured. Special Event Liquor Licenses for events will require a $500,000 Certificate of Liability naming the City of Tucson as additional insured.

3. Security

  • Security for events can be contracted out with private companies, off-duty law enforcement officers, or a combination of private security and law enforcement.  In instances where a private security company is contracted to provide security in conjunction with off-duty Tucson Police Department officers, the private security must be unarmed.  The Tucson Police Department Special Events Officer, Scott Glass, serves as a resource to event organizer(s)/promoter(s) in the planning process.  Officer Glass can contacted by phone at 837-7238 or by e-mail at
  • Contract Security
    o Name of the Security company
    o Number of officers present (both male and female)
    o Scope of duties performed at the event
    o Notification procedures in the event of an emergency
  • Tucson Police Department Officers
    o Contact the Tucson Police Department Special Duty Office at 520-791-4855
    o The number of Officers required for an event may vary depending on the variables associated with the event.  Example: An event requiring security needs for an event and traffic control may require dedicated resources in each area.
    o If law enforcement is required for your event, those personnel must be scheduled two weeks prior to a Civic Event Permit being issued.
    o Events requiring five or more officers may require a supervisor.  Events requiring more than twelve officers may require an incident commander.  Large scale events that require a large number of officers or coordination with surrounding law enforcement jurisdictions may require additional command level personnel. 

4. If regional City of Tucson parks are to be used, or if booths, stages, or bleachers are required, arrangements must be made with the Parks and  Recreation Department.

5. If there is a need for dumpsters or trash bins, arrangements for delivery and pickup must be made with Solid Waste Division.

6. A Health Permit from Pima County Health Department is required in order to sell food to the general public. A copy must be on file with your request packet.

7. A Business Privilege License is involved if anything will be sold at an event, e.g. food, drink, crafts, clothing, etc.  Contact Finance/License 791-4566.

8. Miscellaneous items for consideration

  •  A 20-foot lane must be maintained for emergency vehicle use.
  •  Noise will be kept to a minimum if a nighttime event. Tucson City code noise ordinance
  •  Sufficient vehicle parking area to be provided for an event.
  •  The neighborhood must be in agreement with this activity (notification may be required).
  •  Coordinate activity with local businesses if applicable (e.g., parking, access).
  •  It is unlawful to post, affix, display, paint, or otherwise attach any handbill to any street sign, post, traffic control device, utility pole, or public object

Civic Events/Block Parties Planning  Contact Information

Civic Events/Block Parties Contact Information
(All Phone Numbers Area Code 520)

Tucson Department of Transportation
Civic Event Permits


Tucson Police Department
Special Events Officer


Traffic Engineering
Street Closures and Barricading


Streets Division
Street Maintenance


Fire Department
Fire Prevention Requirements


Parks and Recreation
Use of City Owned Equipment


Solid Waste Management
Refuse Collection Services


Development Services
Electrical, Tent, Canopy Permits


City Clerk
Liquor License/Liquor Board Approval


Sun Tran
Rerouting for Street Closures/Shuttles


Risk Management
Event Liability Insurance


Real Estate
Use of City Property


Pima County Health Department
Food Sales to the Public


Revenue Division

The Civic Event Committee wants you to have a safe and successful event. If you have questions or need information, please contact the Civic Event Coordinator within the Department of Transportation at 520-837-6625.