Crime Trend Graphs: 2000-2017

Background Information

The graphs below show crime trends within the City of Tucson, Arizona. The crime counts and rates represented on the graphs cover the period of 2000 to 2017. Only Tucson Police Department incidents are included. The graphs do not include Pima County, South Tucson, University of Arizona, Pima Community College, Davis Monthan AFB or Tucson International Airport cases.

Criminal incidents were screened according to definitions included in the Uniform Crime Reporting program of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Crime counts are approximate and subject to change. Rates are per 100,000 residents of the City of Tucson.

The total incidence of reported and discovered crime is based on factors that change over time; therefore interpretation of these graphs should be done with caution. Some factors affecting crime incidence are:

  • Actual amount of crime as interpreted through Uniform Crime Reporting rules
  • Rate of reporting by crime victims
  • Special efforts of police to reduce crime (which may increase the amount of crime known to police)
  • Special efforts of victims to reduce crime, such as shoplifting prevention programs (which may increase the amount of crime known to police)
  • Data processing practices, including geocoding match rate (approximately 90% for this data)
  • Changes in the law or in criminal justice system policies and practices

Graphs are in PDF format and are approximately 25k each in size. They show crimes based on FBI Uniform Crime Classification (UCR) codes. Click below for a printer-friendly list of UCR codes.

UCR Code List pdf

Crime Trend Graphs: 2000-2017

All Crime Rate pdf Count pdf
Violent Crime Rate pdf Count pdf
Property Crime Rate pdf Count pdf
Part 1 Crime Rate pdf Count pdf
Part 2 Crime Rate pdf Count pdf
Homicide Rate pdf Count pdf
Sexual Assault Rate pdf Count pdf
Robbery Rate pdf Count pdf
Aggravated Assault Rate pdf Count pdf
Burglary Rate pdf Count pdf
Larceny Rate pdf Count pdf
Motor Vehicle Theft Rate pdf Count pdf
Arson Rate pdf Count pdf
Criminal Damage Rate pdf Count pdf
Narcotics Rate pdf Count pdf