Downtown District

Downtown District

270 S. Stone Ave.
Lobby Hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)

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ODD Sector Map

The City of Tucson is divided into four patrol divisions and a downtown district. Each division is divided into sectors, which are designated by the numbers on the map. When contacting a patrol division about a concern in your neighborhood or place of business referring to the sector number may speed your inquiry.

The mission of a Downtown District officer is to help make the Downtown District (Downtown zone, 4th Ave Zone, and Maingate Square) a more welcoming and vibrant place to be. To accomplish these goals, our District officers are commonly riding a bicycle, walking on foot and or patrolling in an open air utility vehicle. This allows for more one on one contact with people live, work and play in the area. Many of our newer officers bring with them a long list of special trainings and experience. These trainings and experiences include but are not limited to officers who can communicate in other languages like Spanish and American Sign Language, officers with significant liquor law enforcement training, Advanced Crisis Intervention Training and Mental Health First Aid.