Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Management Section

The Emergency Management Section (EMS) was created within the police department in December 1998. It was originally established to deal with the many issues that arise regarding emergency planning, to maintain liaison with other agencies involved with emergency management responsibilities, and to assist in planning for Y2K. 

The Emergency Management Section has since evolved into the primary unit for emergency operations planning for the Department, for both planned and unplanned events. The EMS is commanded by a lieutenant, and staffed with two budgeted and authorized sergeants as assigned by the Chief of Police. This section is focused on Disaster and Emergency Planning and assists as required for Special Event Planning. The personnel of the Emergency Management Section are also part of the Tucson Office of Emergency Management and the Tucson Urban Area Security Initiative.

The Emergency Management Section:

  • Facilitates the identification of NIMS compliance levels for all department positions and assures compliance.
  • Conducts threat and risk assessment evaluations of City buildings and infrastructure.
  • Applies for and manages Homeland Security grants.
  • Develops and maintains the Continuity of Operations and Emergency Operations Plan for the City of Tucson.
  • Assists outside organizations with preparation of emergency and continuity of operations plans.
  • Coordinates regional information sharing strategies for all local, state and federal stakeholders.
  • Collaborates with regional partners on analyzing domestic and international terrorism as it applies to Southern Arizona.
  • Plans for special events that may require a significant law enforcement response.
  •  Manages the Regional Rapid Response Team.
  •  Develops exercises to train department members and outside agencies in proper response to major emergencies and disasters.
  •  Serves on numerous state and local committees dealing with Emergency Management and Homeland Security.     
  •  Facilitates and coordinates significant events through the Emergency Operations Center.
  •  Conducts threat and vulnerability assessments for regional critical infrastructure and key resources and reports findings to the Department of Homeland Security.

Comprehensive Emergency Management information for the City may be obtained from the City of Tucson, Office of Emergency Management.

If you have a question, click here to e-mail the Emergency Management Section.

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