Field Services Bureau

The most visible members of the the Tucson Police Department, the dedicated and brave men and women of the Field Services Bureau patrol the streets of the City of Tucson and are the first responders to calls for service.


The Field Services Bureau is split into five Operations Divisions, each with responsibility for patrolling an area of the city.

Operations Divisions

Crime Prevention Map
Operations Division South, 4410 South Park Avenue, 520-791-4949
Operations Division West, 1310 West Miracle Mile Road, 520-791-4467
Operations Division Midtown, 1100 South Alvernon Way, 520-791-4253
Operations Division East, 9670 East Golf Links Road, 520-791-5700
Downtown District, 270 South Stone Avenue, 520-791-5032
Each Division has it's own unique character and challenges. Please click the links above for more information about each of the Tucson Police Department's respective Operations Divisions.

Force Command Unit

This unit is staffed by two police lieutenants and is designed to provide citywide police command oversight of patrol resources during normal daily operations. Their tasks include directing, controlling, and managing normal patrol assets and ensuring that those assets are deployed and responding to calls for service in the most efficient manner possible. Other tasks include directing and managing serious tactical situations, major crime scenes, and other high-profile incidents.