Identification Section



The ID Section provides the department with support in forensic crime scene investigation, arrest fingerprint processing, and operates a digital photographic lab. The Section also supports the Arizona Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AZAFIS) and the state mugshot system. ID Section personnel teach at the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center (SALETC), and handle the majority of the public relations photography for the department. In 2014 ID Section staff and volunteers fingerprinted almost 6000 members of the public for licensing, teaching certificates, job requirements and identification.


                                                     Crime Scene Unit

This unit is on-duty 24/7/365 for forensic crime scene response, and consists of six squads. These squads have a total authorized strength of 17 Crime Scene Specialists including six Crime Scene Specialist Supervisors. Members of this unit are responsible for handling the most serious and complex crime scenes by providing forensic crime scene support to all members of the department. The Crime Scene Unit performs crime scene photography, processing and collection of latent fingerprints, and processing and collection of forensic evidence (blood, semen, hairs, fibers, DNA, etc.). In 2014 the Crime Scene Unit responded to over 3500 requests and fingerprinted over 2000 subjects on arrest charges or to determine their identity.

 AFIS Unit

The AFIS Unit is responsible for the processing of all arrests made by the department – those physically booked into jail and through Mandatory Fingerprinting. The unit has an authorized strength of seven AFIS Technicians. Their main duty is to ensure that all subjects arrested match fingerprints on file, or to enter a new set of fingerprints into AZAFIS. In addition, they must make sure that all arrest charges and codes are correct. Once an identity is confirmed, the arrest information is sent to the department's Records Management System, the state mushot system and to the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 2014 the AFIS Unit processed over 18,000 arrest records.


Staffed by one Crime Scene Specialist, the Photolab is responsible for producing CDs and color prints of images taken by department members. In addition, this Crime Scene Specialist is responsible for handling the department portrait studio and public relations photography. In 2014 the Photolab produced over 8000 CDs.


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