Junk Motor Vehicle Reporting

The City of Tucson Junked or inoperable vehicle ordinance is incorporated under Chapter 16 of the Tucson Municipal Code (Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance.)

It is a violation of the Tucson Municipal Code (Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance) to store a junked or inoperable vehicle on private property unless it is completely enclosed within the side or rear yard and surrounded by an opaque fence or wall. It may also be stored within the carport and covered by an opaque car cover. Tarps, bed sheets, plastic sheeting, or similar materials do not meet the definition of opaque screening or cover.

Junked or inoperable vehicle means any vehicle, including any motor vehicle and any other device in, upon or by which a person or property may be transported or drawn on a street, including but not limited to trailers and camper shells but excluding devices moved by human power, that exhibits one or more of the following conditions:

  • Wrecked
  • Partially or fully dismantled
  • Abandoned
  • Stripped
  • Inoperative or inoperable
  • Scrapped
  • Unable to be safely operated

Reporting a junk motor vehicle is easy. Click on the map where the violation is occurring and complete the requested information, which will be forwarded to the police division responsible for the identified location.

Anonymous reports are gladly accepted*; however, if you do not supply contact information and the investigating officer requires more information, the report may be closed with no further action taken.

* Due to improper reporting of JMVs on Tucson's east side (Operations Division East), it has become necessary for the complainant to provide contact information to insure adequate investigations of JMVs.


Generally, a police response to a junk motor vehicle complaint will be initiated within 72 hours. In most cases, the violation is resolved in less than a month.

Please Select the Appropriate Division

Use the map below to find the Police Division that supports your area. You can use the field in the upper left corner of the map to search by address or scroll and zoom to your location by interacting with the map. Once you find your area a pop-up will provide you with a direct link to the form to complete your request.