Logistics Division

The Logistics Division of the Tucson Police Department is responsible for administering a budget of $14 million.  The section consists of one captain as the division commander, one lieutenant as the section commander, one police fleet manager, two staff assistants, one senior storekeeper, one police officer who serves as the Court Liaison Officer and monitors vendor contracts, and one secretary.

Section responsibilities also include maintaining control and regulating repairs to seven different buildings that house police personnel throughout the city. This section coordinates the repairs and maintenance of more than 700 vehicles. An additional responsibility is the distribution and maintenance of all uniforms, supplies, and equipment that includes over 1,200 portable radios, 1,000 pagers, 200 cellular phones, and all of the office supplies necessary to maintain police services. The Logistics Division also manages all capital projects for the agency, such as the new Evidence Facility, the Operations Division West substation, and the recently completed shoot house at the Public Safety Training Academy.