Office of the Chief of Police

Chief of Police BadgeChief of Staff

A Lieutenant is assigned as the Chief of Staff and serves as the principal staff officer to the Chief of Police. The Chief of Staff represents the Chief of Police, as needed, on various boards and commissions and provides liaison duties with other City departments including the City Manager’s Office, City Council Offices, and the Intergovernmental Relations Office.

Office of Professional Standards

A Lieutenant is assigned as the commander for the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) (formerally Office of Internal Affairs (OIA)) and reports directly to the Assistant Chief of Police of the Analysis, Engagement and Oversight Bureau. This office is charged with the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining members’ compliance with Department General Orders. OPS is an investigative body and is responsible for investigating concerns and complaints regarding employees of the agency. Those issues investigated by OPS or the involved members’ chain of command are reviewed by various levels of the chain of command, up to and including the Chief of Police. OPS is charged with the responsibility of insuring the integrity and professionalism of the police service provided to the citizens of the City of Tucson.

Public Information Office

Public Information OfficerThe Public Information Office is consists of one sergeant and one officer. They serve as the department’s primary public information officers. They are responsible for acting as the points of contact for local, state, and national media outlets regarding inquiries about department investigations, activities, and policies.

They also respond to media request for public records, gathering department statistics for dissemination to the media, coordinating training of department personnel on media strategies and assisting the agency in crisis situations.

The Public Information Office can be contacted at or 520-791-4852 for Media Inquiries. For general inquiries, please contact your local substation.