Operation Rooftop

In an emergency, seconds count. Rooftop and street address numbering programs have been successful throughout the country helping law enforcement and other emergency personnel locate their destinations in times of need.

To assist the Tucson Police Department helicopter crew, paint your address on the roof of your home or business:

  • For safety's sake, paint addresses on flat roofs only
  • Numbers and letters should be 3 to 4 feet in height and 1 foot in width
  • Space the numbers or letters at least 12 inches apart
  • Paint the numbers or letters so they are parallel to the street
  • Use a non-reflective color that contrasts with the color of your roof
  • Use an oil-based spray paint for ease of use and longer roof life
  • Do not use neon-colored paint
  • Do not illuminate the rooftop address, as this creates glare for the helicopter crew

Help patrol officers and emergency personnel find your home or business faster by posting your address in a conspicuous place:

  • Post at least 4-inch high numbers that are clearly visible from the street or alley
  • Place numbers on the rear fence or gate
  • Paint addresses on the curb in front of your home or business

Your home or business should provide "natural surveillance" from the interior and exterior. Do not offer criminals a place to hide:

  • Trim trees up 4 feet from the ground
  • Trim shrubs down to 3 feet and below the windowsills
  • Provide adequate lighting for the front and rear of your home or business