Professional Standards Division

A captain is assigned as the commander for the Professional Standards Division and reports directly to the Deputy Chief of Police. This position is responsible for oversight of the functions of the Office of Internal Affairs, CALEA Unit, Targeted Operational Planning (TOP), Public Information Officers, and the Research & Analysis Unit. This division is charged with the responsibility of insuring the integrity and professionalism of the police service provided to the citizens of the City of Tucson.

Office of Internal Affairs

A lieutenant is assigned as the commander for the Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) and reports directly to the Professional Standards Division Commander. This office is charged with the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining members’ compliance with Department General Orders. OIA is an investigative body and is responsible for investigating concerns and complaints regarding employees of the agency. Those issues investigated by OIA or the involved members’ chain of command are reviewed by various levels of the chain of command, up to and including the Chief of Police.

Targeted Operational Planning (TOP)

The Targeted Operational Planning (TOP) Unit provides the Department with a mechanism to identify, target, and interdict crime trends, and to reduce crime through the use of good crime data and analysis, the implementation of a tactical plan, and followup to identify successful strategies. The philosophy behind TOP is based on four principles which have proven to be essential ingredients of an effective crime-fighting strategy:

  • Accurate and Timely Crime Information
  • Effective Tactics
  • Rapid Deployment of Personnel and Resources
  • Relentless Followup and Assessment.

The TOP program is assigned to the Research & Analysis Unit Supervisor.