Property & Evidence Section

Property items taken from crime scenes during a call for service are stored in the Property & Evidence Section of the Tucson Police Department. One element for a successful prosecution depends on how the evidence is handled and preserved. If evidence is not properly packaged and documented at the time a police officer collects it at a crime scene, and if the property is not stored properly or the "chain of custody" is compromised, criminals may go free, putting our community and its citizens at risk.

Seized property stored by the Property & Evidence Section comes in many shapes and sizes. Items can be as small as a human hair or as large as six tons of marijuana. TPD's inventory can include guns, clothing, blood, furniture, vehicles, and, literally, the kitchen sink and the bathroom toilet.

The Evidence Superintendent and staff make sure the more than 80,000 items submitted to the Property & Evidence Section each year are preserved from the time submitted, through the investigations and analysis, to the time returned to owner or to disposal. Property & Evidence personnel are on call 24 hours a day and respond to crime scenes to assist officers in the transport and packaging of evidence. When necessary, Evidence Technicians also testify in court. In addition to their normal duties, Evidence personnel teach a four-hour class on evidence procedures to police officers attending the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center, and manage the Department’s Vehicle Impound Lot.

Evidence technicians routinely handle items that contain dangerous or toxic substances. The personnel are exposed to health hazards such as AIDS, hepatitis, hantavirus, aspergillosis, and tuberculosis. Areas of expertise for Property & Evidence Section employees include firearm handling, infection control, OSHA rules and regulations, chemical and biological handling and storage, heavy equipment operations, courtroom procedures, radio procedures, crime scene management, and privacy and security regulations. This section needs to be aware of all pending and new legislation that effects the handling of evidence, and any new technology, such warehouse management and bar code tracking.

When a case is over and the property is no longer needed, every attempt is made to return items to the rightful owner. If the owner can't be found, the property is disposed of through the City's public auction, destruction, or donated to local schools, the Tucson Police Foundation, or the Historical Society.

Main Storage Facility Information

Evidence, Property & Identification Center
945 East Ohio Street
Tucson, AZ 85714


Hours Open To The Public

Monday thru Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Closed Friday, Weekends, and Holidays

Has your bicycle been stolen?

The Property & Evidence Section of the Tucson Police Department maintains a bike lot at the Santa Cruz Substation, located at 4410 S. Park Avenue. If you are looking for a lost or stolen bicycle a member of Property & Evidence can assist you in determining if it was recovered. Evidence personnel can be reached at 520-791-4458 during regular business hours.

Do you need to claim property from the Tucson Police Department Property & Evidence Section?

In order to claim your property, you must bring a government-issued picture identification card. It is also helpful if you bring your case number, police report, or notification letter. Property can be claimed during the following business hours:

Evidence, Property & Identification Center
945 East Ohio Street
Tucson, AZ 85714


Monday - Thursday: 9am-5pm
Closed Friday, Weekends, and Holidays

Reuniting With Your Lost Property

Way too often property is turned into a law enforcement agency, but cannot be returned as a result of poor documentation on the part of the owner.   Unless you can provide proof of ownership, your valuables may end up auctioned or worse, in a landfill.  

To assist law enforcement with reuniting you with your property & heirlooms:

  • document serial numbers and keep a copy somewhere other than an electronic device that can be lost or stolen
  • apply unique identifying markings to objects
  • photograph valuables
  • maintain purchase receipts
  • report your stolen property & obtain a police case report number
  • Consider registering with

Where Lost Items are Found

“When things go missing, help us help you.”

To see items currently stored by the Property & Evidence Section without owner information turned in as found property, click here.  Learn more about by visiting


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