Tucson Police Property & Evidence Section

Hours & Location

Monday thru Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Closed: Friday, Weekends, and Holidays

​​Telephone: 520-791-4458
Evidence, Property & Identification Center
945 East Ohio Street
Tucson, AZ 85714

Claiming Property

Property listed as Evidence: The Evidence Section is unable to return items listed as evidence without the authorization of the case detective.  You will be contacted by our office when the items are authorized to be returned.

Personal Property for Release: To claim personal property it is recommended you call for an appointment to reduce long waits or a need to return. At the time of release, bring government issued photo identification and the case number pertaining to the items you are claiming. 

Claiming Property on Behalf of Others: If you are claiming property on someone’s behalf or having someone picking up your property for you, they must provide a notarized letter or power of attorney signed by you, authorizing the individual to claim the property.

Lost or stolen property?

Found property stored by the Property & Evidence Section can be viewed at “Tucson Police Department Lost and Found” on:

It is also available for viewing at the following link:


When claiming found property items, please provide proof of ownership along with a current government issued photo identification.

TPD, in conjunction with Foundrop.com is dedicated to reuniting property with it’s owners.

Tips for the Return of Property

There are many preventative measures that can help aid with the return of your valuables and precious heirlooms. These steps include:

  • Document serial numbers and keep receipts. File where it cannot be stolen.
  • Apply unique identifying markings to objects.
  • Photograph your valuables.
  • Immediately report stolen property and obtain a police case report number.
  • Register with Foundrop.com and use it to manage your property and stay connect with your community Lost and Found. IT’s FREE!
  • Tell your neighbors and family if you see something on the Tucson Police Department Lost and Found sites. Share via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About the Property & Evidence Section

Storage pallets
Evidence Storage

The Property and Evidence Section is responsible for storing items collected by law enforcement personnel.  Items can range in size and type from a single strand of human hair to a semi-truck or bus.  Other items may include weapons, clothing, blood, furniture, vehicles, and YES, the kitchen sink!

Property and Evidence personnel are on call 24 hours a day and may respond to crime scenes to assist officers with the transport and packaging of evidence.

The Evidence Superintendent, Quality Assurance Manager, Supervisors, and Evidence Technicians make sure more than 90,000 items submitted each year are preserved throughout the course of their entire retention period, sometimes as long as 55 or more years.   Tracking of each item, known as Chain of Custody, begins the moment an item is collected and submitted, exchanged for investigation, lab analysis, or trial, and finally returned to an owner, auctioned or disposed.  It is the primary duty of the Property and Evidence Section to maintain the integrity of the evidence and ensure it is properly preserved.

When a case is over, and the property is no longer needed, every attempt is made to return items to the rightful owner. If the owner cannot be found, the property is purged through public auction, identified charities, disposal or recycling.

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