Photo Radar Van Deployment Schedule for Tucson

* * * * * Locations and times are subject to change without notice * * * * *


The City of Tucson is no longer processing citations through the Traffic Safety Camera Program in response to the apparent passage of Proposition 201. Current election results show that 65 percent of voters approved the referendum to end the red light cameras and photo enforcement vans. The change became effective on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

"The voters have spoken clearly on this issue," said City Manager Michael Ortega. "While the election results will not be certified until later this month, the City of Tucson wishes to honor the spirit and intent of the voters by ending the citations immediately following the election."

Proposition 201 is a public initiative that amends Tucson Code Section 20-2 to provide that no violation of Chapter 20 occurs if evidence is gathered through the use of automatic photo red light or speed cameras, and prohibiting City use or contracting for traffic control technology that does not produce a human, on-site eyewitness to testify in court.

Any citations issued prior to the shutdown at 1159 PM on Tuesday, November 3rd 2015 are still valid and will be processed through the Tucson City Court. Traffic laws will continue to be enforced by motor and patrol officers.