Special Investigations Division

Intelligence Unit, 520-351-3713

The Intelligence Unit collects, evaluates, and disseminates timely intelligence information detailing current trends, problem areas, and possible solutions to affected departmental personnel and units. The unit also shares information and coordinates efforts with other law enforcement agencies with the need and right to know. The unit also coordinates human trafficking/smuggling investigations with the assistance of the Organize Crime Unit and by notifying other law enforcement agencies.

Home Invasion Unit

The Home Invasion Unit was formed on April 6th of 2008. The Unit is responsible for the investigation and preparation of cases related to Home Invasion and kidnapping. An asset forfeiture Detective is also assigned to the squad to handle asset forfeiture cases for the Tucson Police Department. The Home Invasion Unit is also responsible for the follow-up investigation of missing adults as needed.

Undercover Operations Squad

The Operations Squad provides undercover officers for many different agency needs. The focus of the squad is to supply undercover resources to infiltrate criminal activities that are related to violent and gun crimes.

Gang Tactical Detail, 520-351-4451

The concept for the unit was developed when we realized that we needed a community-policing arm in our gang intervention efforts. The tactical detail is different from the Gang Investigation Detail in that it is able to proactively attack neighborhood gang problems by targeting known offenders who have shown a propensity towards gang violence or criminal activity. Members of the tactical unit work very closely with neighborhood community groups to identify specific gang problems being felt within the neighborhood itself. Once the problem is identified, the unit is able to devise a working solution combining community involvement, intergovernmental assistance, and law enforcement intervention.

The officers of the Gang Tactical Detail are available to attend meetings with community groups who are having gang-related problems, and they can assist with gang awareness presentations for schools and/or civic groups. We are committed to helping our community fight the gang problems that have insinuated themselves into our society and our schools.

Gang Investigations Detail, 520-351-4460

This detail investigates gang-related crimes, including homicides, aggravated assaults, drive-by shootings, and robberies. We interview suspects, witnesses, and victims, and gather evidence related to the offense. An incident is considered gang related when we determine that the victim or the suspect is a member of a criminal gang. We believe enforcement can be successful with community assistance and cooperation. Criminal gang membership is a lifestyle that can only be addressed through community awareness and participation.

The Gang Detectives are dedicated to fighting gang activities through aggressive enforcement and prosecution. They spend long hours following leads and working with the County Attorney's Office to present strong cases against violent gang members who attempt to dominate the neighborhoods through intimidation. We believe the neighborhoods belong to the law-abiding families who live in them, and not to local gang members. Our goal is to help strengthen our communities by intervention and prosecution.

Organized Crime Unit, 520-351-8897

The Organize Crime Unit is responsible for the investigation and preparation of cases for prosecution related to traditional and non-traditional organized crime, prison gangs and other violent persons/groups, murder for hire investigations, hate crimes, ritualistic crimes, civil disturbances, municipal employee investigations, and arson and gun investigations. The unit also investigates domestic and foreign terrorism and threats to public officials, provides threat assessments for the agency, and coordinates human trafficking/smuggling followup investigations with the Intelligence Unit. The Organize Crime Unit also coordinates criminal investigations with the Vice Unit.