TPD Application Process


It is imperative to be honest and tell the truth throughout this process. Lying, cheating, knowingly omitting, falsifying, concealing or obscuring required information or engaging in similar misconduct or deception during any part of the application and/or hiring process will not be tolerated and will serve as grounds for permanent disqualification from ever being employed by the Tucson Police Department in ANY capacity.

Written Examination

This is a general knowledge test that measures your skills, abilities and intelligence that you should possess prior to any training to become a police officer. It contains reading comprehension, memorization and grammar. You will receive the results of your test that same day. If you pass, you’ll be scheduled for the physical fitness assessment. Be on time. Late arrivals will be turned away.

If claiming preference or inclusion credit, (i.e., DD-214/Native American/ADA) individuals must bring copy(s) of supporting documentation to the written test. No preference or inclusion credit will be given if documents are submitted at a later date.

Physical Fitness Evaluation

A physical assessment, based on the Cooper Institute Standards will be administered prior to the oral board interviews. This is a pass/fail assessment. However, it is important to consider that training at the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center is very intense and demanding – much more so than this initial fitness evaluation.

If you are not in shape at the start of the Academy, you might not succeed and either quit or be discharged for falling too far behind. Download this helpful six week program to get in shape. Arizona Law Enforcement Academy Physical Fitness Preparation Guide. pdf

The Physical Fitness Assessment is based on the Cooper Institute Standards. pdf

You will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • 1.5 mile run
  • Sit-ups (during one minute)
  • Push-ups (in one minute)
  • 300 meter run
  • Vertical leap

Wear clothes that are appropriate for working-out and are suitable for the weather. Please be sure to bring your own water and anything else you might need to endure this test. We try to administer the test in the cooler parts of the day, however, it will likely be hot, so come properly hydrated and fed.

It is your responsibility to know your own physical condition. Individuals who are in a poor state of physical conditioning may have difficulty in this test phase. Your participation in this examination is at your own risk and the City of Tucson assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries you may incur during this process.

NOTE: As of January, 2009, this is now a mandatory physical assessment for the position of Police Officer Recruit. The physical fitness assessment is a pass/fail portion of the process. This assessment is based upon Cooper Institute Standards. The minimum passing percentile for TPD is 40 percent overall depending on your age and gender. This overall percentage is determined by averaging percentile scores for the 1.5 mile run, 300 meter run, sit-ups, push ups and vertical jump. **Please be advised that you must meet the 40 percent at testing and again at the beginning of the academy. You will be required to meet 60 percent in order to graduate the basic academy**

Oral Board Interview

This review is usually given by sworn and/or non-sworn members of the TPD and takes approximately one hour to complete. It consists of questions that are asked of all applicants and you must pass this interview to continue in the hiring process.

Bring copies of the following materials as well as a notarized and completed applicant questionnaire.

  • Proof Of Citizenship – Birth Certificate, US Naturalization Papers or US passport
  • High school diploma or GED certificate (Transcripts also acceptable)
  • DD214- with re-enlistment code for any military service (If applicable)
  • Selective Service Registration Proof- for males between the ages of 18 and 26
  • Social Security Card
  • Drivers License
  • Copy of your five year certified driving history (Arizona Residents Only) – available from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department and must have been issued to you within the previous 30 days
  • Proof Of Automobile Insurance-For all vehicles you own
  • All Marriage Licenses and Certificates/All Divorce Decrees
  • Any Bankruptcy Documents/Papers
  • College Degree(s)- and/or transcripts (does not have to be certified copy)
  • Previous Law Enforcement- Any certificates (If applicable)

Background Investigation

The TPD Applicant Questionnaire must be completed prior to your Oral Board Interview and is needed to conduct the background investigation. If you pass the oral interview, then a polygraph test and finger-printing may be scheduled for this part of the hiring process.

The polygraph will confirm the information already received during the hiring process to that point is correct.

Anyone listed on the Questionnaire can be contacted during this investigation.

Psychological Assessment

Members of The Tucson Police Department must be in excellent physical and mental health. Our psychological evaluation is thorough and will help determine if you are of sound mind to handle the mental and psychological stresses that come with serving as a police officer.

Medical Examination/Drug Screen

You must meet Arizona POST standards.