Notable Architects

Notable Architects in Tucson, 1900—1975


Arthur Brown, Charles Cox, Frederick Eastman, Scholer Sakellar Fuller, Robert Andrews Little, Arthur Rader, Knipe and Dunham, James Gresham, Ambrose and Swanson and Associates, John Beck, Dale Birtch, Robert Livingston, William Kirby Lockard and Leland Lawrence, Thomas Hill, David Swanson, Robert Swaim, David Tyson, Judith Chafee, and James Merry:


Bernard Friedman, Merritt Starkweather, Juan Worner Y Bas, William Winchester, Tom Gist, Annie Graham Rockfellow, Richard Morse, Willian Bray, Henry Jaastad, and Holmes and Holmes:


Bernie Gonzales:

Ralph Haver:

Josias Joesler:

Quincy Jones:

Cliff May:

Roy Place:

Ann Rysdale:

Nicholas Sakellar:

Henry Trost:

William and Sylvia Wilde:


Read more about Tucson’s architectural history in, A Guide to Tucson Architecture, by Anne M. Nequette and R. Brooks Jeffery. Published by the University of Arizona Press, 2002.