Websites Related to Historic Preservation, Local History, and Heritage

Local History & Heritage

Arizona Historical Society

Arizona State Museum

Historic American Building Survey - Tucson Properties (Use "Tucson" as search term)

Los Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson

Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance

Southern Arizona Folk Arts

The University of Arizona Southwest Center

Tucson Corrals of the Westerners

Tucson Oasis Initiative

Tucson Chinese Cultural Center

Jewish History Museum

Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Center and Museum

Local Preservation Organizations & Groups

Archaeology Southwest

Modern Architecture Preservation Project of Tucson

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center

Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation

Vanishing Tucson

Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association

Friends of Jefferson Park

Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace

Patronato de San Xavier

Presidio Trust for Historic Preservation

De Grazia Foundation

Valley of the Moon

Local Government Preservation Agencies & Commissions

Pima County Cultural Resources and Historic Preservation Office

Historical Commission

State Preservation Agencies & Organizations

Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society

Arizona Archaeological Council

Arizona Archaeological Society

Arizona Historic American Landscapes Survey

Arizona Historic Preservation Conference

Arizona Preservation Foundation

Arizona State Historic Preservation Office

National Preservation Agencies & Organizations

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation

Archaeological Conservancy

Association for Preservation Technology

National Alliance of Preservation Commissions

National Park Service

National Register of Historic Places

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation Action

Recent Past Preservation Network

Society for Commercial Archaeology

Vernacular Architecture Forum