Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

The SBE Program is a certification program that offers incentives to small businesses in the Tucson Metropolitan Area interested in doing business with the City of Tucson on contracts administered by the City’s Department of Procurement, which may include, bid preferences and subcontracting goals for construction, professional services goods and services. The SBE Program is a race and gender neutral program in that, SBE applicants may be representative of any and all ethnic and gender groups.

In general, small businesses interested in pursuing an SBE certification must meet the following criteria:

  • Owner(s) must be U. S. citizen(s) or lawfully admitted permanent resident(s) of the U.S;
  • Must meet the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) size standard;
  • Shall have gross receipts of the firm, that when averaged over a three-year period, do not exceed gross income limits for the type of business activity identified that corresponds with the Small Business Administration size standard;
  • Business address of record with the Arizona Corporation Commission must be located in Pima County, Arizona;
  • Has been organized as a for-profit business;
  • Owner(s) must control the business and have the expertise and technical knowledge to operate, manage, and participate in the day-to-day functions of the business;
  • Personal net worth of each owner (individually) must not exceed $1.3 million, or $2.6 million for a married couple, excluding the owner's(s') equity interest in their personal residence and the value of the owner's interest in the business applying for certification;
  • Submit a completed Arizona Unified Certification Program (Tucson AZUCP) application with all required documentation;
  • Obtain and maintain appropriate local, State, Federal, and professional licenses as required;
  • Register as a vendor with the City of Tucson Department of Procurement at

How to Apply for Certification

  • Click the link to obtain the SBE Application: SBE/DBE Application.
  • Contact the City’s Business Enterprise & Compliance Program at (520) 837-4000 during regular business hours of Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time).
  • Many small businesses may also qualify as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. Only one application and one set of supporting documentation is required, even when multiple categories are identified.
  • Review the checklist to make sure that all required documentation is included with your application. Failure to include required documentation may result in an application being returned and/or certification delayed or denied.

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