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Additional Business Opportunities: 

Looking for additional business opportunities? If so, click here to visit the Arizona Statewide Vendor Registration Portal. Once there, you can link to many of Arizona's public entity vendor registration sites. 

A Call to Contractors 

Arizona Revised Statute 34-603 C.2. requires that the selection committee for alternative project delivery methods, to include construction-manager-at-risk, design-build, and job-order-contracting, shall include at least one person who is a senior management employee of a licensed contractor. 

As it is often difficult to find contractors to serve on our committees, the City has decided to compile a list of available members. If you are interested in being added to the list please contact Cynthia Rascon at 520-837-4113, Cynthia.Rascon@tucsonaz.gov, Stephanie Frank at 520-837-4114, Stephanie.Frank@tucsonaz.gov, or Sandra Alcorn at 520-837-4118, Sandra.Alcorn@tucsonaz.gov

Contractors that have served in the past reported that they found it to be a very interesting and insightful experience. We hope that you would take the opportunity to be part of the procurement process! 

Note: Pursuant to the above Statute, contractors will not be paid for participating on a selection committee.