3rd Street/University Bicycle Boulevard


Project Happenings


The 3rd Street/ University Bicycle Boulevard Project's goal is to improve the city’s most popular bike route and provide bicyclists of all ages and abilities with a safe and pleasant route to traverse the city from east to west. The route connects thousands of residents between Wilmot Road and Main Avenue to shopping, jobs, schools, and to several other bicycle friendly routes that easily reach the downtown, the river pathways and beyond.

Funding has been secured from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) to install a bike/pedestrian signal at the Swan crossing and for additional traffic calming, wayfinding signage, intersection improvements, pavement markings, as well as changes to traffic control signage to help prioritize bike travel more. In addition, since about a half mile of the corridor lies within the planned Modern Street Car route, plans for a parallel lower stress route are being planned with this project along 5th Street.

Planned Features

  • Traffic circles with 4-way yield signs instead of stop signs to allow bikes to keep their momentum while reducing the number of conflict points at the intersection
  • Planned Bike HAWK beacon at Swan Road crossing
  • Wayfinding signage and pavement markings help brand the boulevard, provide wayfinding informtation to bicyclists
  • Existing TOUCAN signals at Stone/University, Country Club/3rd St, Alvernon/3rd St to help users cross busy roads
  • Focus on getting more people bicycling for short trips and commuting purposes to work and school
  • The 3rd Street/University corridor provides a direct and continuous connection for bicyclists in the neighborhoods between Main and Wilmot.
  • Existing On-street bike parking corrals at Epic Cafe and Time Market along University Blvd
  • Additional low-stress bikeway along 5th Street between Old Main on campus and 9th Avenue


Please email tdotbikes@tucsonaz.gov