Public Meeting #2: February 28, 2013

DRAFT Report from Public Meeting #2 Available

This report describes the overall event, discusses the input received regarding the project and the Draft Vision and Goals, and provides recommendations for how to incorporate into the Draft Vision and Goals so that the Citizens Task Force and the project team are able to use it as the project progresses.  Revisions will be discussed and made in upcoming Citizens Task Force meetings.

   Full Report (~18 MB)
     Overview and Analysis Report  (~710 kB)
     Appendix A (~8 MB)  - Documentation of input received 
     Appendix B (~260 kB) - Spreadsheet of input analysis performed by project team
     Appendix C (~8 MB) - Images of the displays at the 2/28/2013 event


Event Photo Album (~ 6 MB)


Event Information
The second meeting held during the Planning & Design Phase was on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at the Sabar Shrine Hall, 450 S. Tucson Blvd., from 6-8:30 p.m.  (invitation)

Approximately 200 people attended the event.

The meeting was held to:

  • Introduce the Citizens Task Force (CTF) to the community
  • Present the CTF's draft Vision and Goals for the project
  • Share the different reports and studies presented to the Citizens Task Force (CTF) to date, and
  • Provide the opportunity for questions to be asked and answered by the CTF and project technical team.


Meeting Agenda: The following illustrates how the meeting was organized.  Where available links to presentations or other materials are provided.

6-6:15 pm

Greeting and orientation at the door by project team and Citizens Task Force (CTF).

6:15-6:30 pm

Brief Project Overview, Intro of CTF – Jenn Toothaker Burdick

Presentation slides

6:30-7 pm


CTF Member Introductions 

Each CTF member will introduce themselves, who they represent and why they wanted to be a CTF member.

7-8 pm


Information Stations (see below for more info) 
Interact with the project team and CTF members to learn about the project, ask questions, and provide input.

8-8:30 pm


Wrap up

Each CTF member shared their impressions of the evening/takeaways.  View the videos! 
VIDEO: Part 1 (~2 mins; video begins in progress)    
VIDEO: Part 2 (~13 mins; continued from Part 1)

Room Layout/Stations




Station 1 - Welcome

Where do you live? work? Board

How do you use Broadway?

Station 2 - General Project Info
Project Information
Public Participation Plan

Photos    Transcribed
Station 3 - Sustainable Multi-Modal Street Design Photos    Transcribed
Station 4 - Mixed Use Business Districts & Neighborhoods Photos    Transcribed
Station 5 - RTA MainStreet Business Assistance  (Not Available - please see web site for more information) no input pages
Station 6 - Real Estate / Tierra Right of Way  (No displays - more information available on web site) no input pages
Station 7 - Video Comment Booth


Andrea Sommer

Kenna Smith

Kylie Walzak

Robert Cook

Station 8 - Public Input Wall
Draft Vision & Goals

What's important to you about Broadway?  Transcribed

Describe your vision for Broadway  Transcribed


Comment Cards Received

Letter Received  (no transcription)


All Easel Comments Transcribed

All Comment Cards Transcribed



Event Notification:

  • Postcard invitations were mailed to over 8,000 addresses in and around the project area. (map)
  • Citizens Task Force outreach
  • Emails sent to the 400+ emails in the Broadway project listserv (sign-up by emailing, subject line:  subscribe)
  • Postcard invitations distributed via various businesses
  • Radio announcements and interviews, as well as and print ads were placed
  • City of Tucson, RTA, and project web sites sharing event details
  • Ward Office newsletters mentioned the event